How can you guard your heart if you keep giving it away.

One realization that hit me.

Sure, I am that type who easily loves anybody. The one that would try to overlook the bad sides of an individual and try to dwell on what’s making them perfect in their own ways. I don’t judge them by the way they talk, the way they posts their emotions in social medias, the way they make fun of their own lives, and most especially I don’t judge them based on what other people say about them.
So you see, by what i’ve spilled right there, I am the type who’ll easily give my heart and passion to you as long as I think you deserve me too… But lately I have compromised a lot and i’ve been hurt a lot just because I trust and love so easily.

Sometimes, I think it’s just right to never allow anyone get right through you, your head and above all, your heart.

And so my new mantra in life : “GUARD YOUR HEART,NEVER LET THE DEFENSES DOWN.”


Am I the only one that looks in a mirror and think ‘ew.’

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