I miss how I use to travel everyday to school, how I could wake up an hour before my class to prepare, how I would go home to my own room at my own apartment, how my silly-bully-crazy neighbors slash friends would annoy the hell out of me everyday, how we spend our Friday nights at home with bottles of beer and tons of good time, how wonderful life was when everything was still OKAY.

And by ‘okay’ I meant, no arguments, no conflicts, no backbiting, and a whole lot more of negative vibes. I couldn’t remember the last time I have seen my good old friends, or even communicated with them. BUT just so everything’s clear here, we did not fight. We just ended up torn between Scylla and Charybdis.

The fact that I was surrounded with people who tried to put me down and malign me, created fabricated stories and lies to destroy me, I couldn’t stand another day in that place. So I decided to go back to my dormitory life., where I couldn’t experience any of those above mentioned. Shit putangina naman oh if it wasn’t for those conceited, self-centered bitches I’m still living my life with the people I value most.

Anyhow, they did not create tomorrow for nothing. Maybe tomorrow, just maybe we’d be having another best moments together. Best moments with the coolest, bestest people I know.

P.S. they’re all pure dudes and i’m their princessss yiee hahaha.

How can you guard your heart if you keep giving it away.

One realization that hit me.

Sure, I am that type who easily loves anybody. The one that would try to overlook the bad sides of an individual and try to dwell on what’s making them perfect in their own ways. I don’t judge them by the way they talk, the way they posts their emotions in social medias, the way they make fun of their own lives, and most especially I don’t judge them based on what other people say about them.
So you see, by what i’ve spilled right there, I am the type who’ll easily give my heart and passion to you as long as I think you deserve me too… But lately I have compromised a lot and i’ve been hurt a lot just because I trust and love so easily.

Sometimes, I think it’s just right to never allow anyone get right through you, your head and above all, your heart.

And so my new mantra in life : “GUARD YOUR HEART,NEVER LET THE DEFENSES DOWN.”


Am I the only one that looks in a mirror and think ‘ew.’

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